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About Us

Family Care Since 2010

Dr. Sheena Nageli provides safe, gentle and effective treatment for Cardiff and Encinitas families, with a loving emphasis on pediatric chiropractic and prenatal chiropractic care. We’re passionate about working with young families, and we have a focused interest in making sure that children get off to a great start in life.

Although Dr. Sheena grew up in Texas, she fell in love with the Cardiff community while visiting a friend here many years ago. While considering a name for her practice, she realized that she wanted her clients to experience life to the fullest, the way they were designed to live it; not as sick, sad or disconnected people. She wanted her clients to experience life in a better way.

The Mission at Experience Life Chiropractic

Pediatric Chiropractor CardiffOur mission for our clients is to lovingly empower and equip each member of the family to experience healthy and connected lives. This hope also overflows into a vision of a community of empowered families who are healthy, happy and experiencing life to its fullest potential.

We believe that everyone was created to be healthy and whole. Whenever there’s interference in that ideal, it’s impossible to have optimal health. Our job is to locate and remove that interference so that people can break free of their limitations, and have the experience of healing, growing and thriving.

Our practice has been blessed with many examples of health transformation. We’ve had opportunities to serve in helping babies with severe colic turn into happy and healthy infants. Women who’ve miscarried multiple times have undergone successful full-term pregnancies. Prenatal and pediatric chiropractic care helps the core foundation of any family to be healthier, happier and more connected to life.

Our Practice Difference

Our office is inviting, family-oriented and child-friendly. Our goal is to create a high-energy and fun environment that’s appealing to kids of all ages.

We’ve taken the time to provide a “safe” place for moms to be themselves and interact with other moms for a true sense of community. We have a reputation for creating one-on-one connections with our clients, and this is demonstrated by the fact that people often drive long distances to see us.

Our practice members tell us that they really feel heard, cared-for and loved when they interact with us. We’d like to have you as part of our happy chiropractic family as well. We want to help.

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