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Cardiff Pediatric Chiropractor

Creating Healthy Families Begins With Kids

Pediatric Chiropractor CardiffThe all-important nervous system carries out most of its development in the first six years of life. As this system controls all function in the body, it’s important for children to get a good start in life by optimizing that function.

Babies and children innately radiate joy and health. Their precious minds and bodies are changing, growing and healing from the moment they enter the world. As they embrace life fully, they’re faced with many new experiences. Each new discovery they make and milestone they achieve is marked by falling, collisions, jumping, bumps, bruises and stresses. When an infant or child experiences more than they’re able to process in any given moment, the experience is stored in their neuro-spinal system, often manifesting as symptoms.

As a parent, you may or may not observe the signs of these interferences. Your child’s health is not defined by the symptoms they exhibit, but by their physical, mental and emotional well-being. When they’re able to fully process stress, they express health in every area of their lives.

Here are common signs of interference in the nervous system of an infant:

  • Colic
  • Constipation
  • Developmental delays
  • Disturbed sleep patterns
  • Ear infections
  • Failure to thrive
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Sore throats
  • ADHD
  • Decreased immune function
  • Sensory Processing Disorders
  • Decreased balance/coordination
  • Anxiety

Helping Twins to Thrive

One of our clients adopted identical twin boys who had experienced a very traumatic pregnancy and birth process. The boys suffered from many neurological delays, and their wonderful new mom sought out the very best care for them. We remember well that one of the boys was shorter than his brother, and had such poor balance that he couldn’t hop on one leg without falling to the floor.

At the time we began to serve these little ones, they were about five years old. After a few months of consistent chiropractic care, the boys are thriving and doing well in school. The shorter twin shot up in height and tells his neurologist, “If I feel all scrambled up, then I go to see Dr. Sheena and she unscrambles me!”

This story is one of hundreds that we have the privilege of witnessing on a regular basis.

Creating a Safe Place for Cardiff Children

Chiropractic for kids in CardiffOur office has been intentionally designed to be child-friendly, as we firmly believe that kids need to be checked at every stage in their lives to ensure proper nervous system development. We use a very light-energy adjusting technique that’s equivalent in force to the pressure of a gentle finger on an eyelid, so you can be confident that your child is receiving safe and effective care.

When you come to our office, you’ll be greeted by the sounds of happy laughter coming from our pint sized clients. We’re the only pediatric chiropractic practice in Cardiff and Encinitas that’s specifically designed to meet the needs of children. Parents place their trust in us; make an appointment today!

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